Saturday, September 16, 2006

September 16, 2006

Today I needed to submit photographs for my article on Muslim's celebration of Ramadan , actually I already asked a friend of mine Romina Pada her past photographs and told her I will credit her name for it. However my editor told me that high resolution photos are needed and what I submitted was actually a low one. I ended up borrowing a video camera and was supposed to give to Honelylin Alipio my friend whose really good in photoshop, but my schedule turned into a whirlwind and I had to find some other ways to run after my deadline. So I had to borrow my friend Fancis' digital camera for this. So I told my friends (Karla ,Farida , Sheena and Nash) to tag along with me to Sta. Barbara Mosque.

I was a little bit nervous because I was thinking that the people in the mosque might not want to see someone like me poking a camera infront of them. Although ,this is an initial feeling I have when I do something like this. But I remembered that times like this I need to do my introductions well not for luck but for respect. I headed to the back of the mosque and looked for some authority to talk to and asked permission to take photos. I told them I am a maguindanao and they started to show me a smile, not that they wouldn't otherwise but because perhaps meeting a fellow muslim who is a journalist is something favorable and a breathe of fresh air for them. They told me to come back incase I needed to interview anyone, so I told them perhaps during Eidl-Fitr. Everyone was just cooperating I felt so welcome. Today I snap photos with pride. Its a beautiful day, as beautiful as the call of prayer ringing in my ears.
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