Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Imprints of young Sama Di laut children exhibit held at ADZU

By Linda Bansil

The Lumah Ma Dilaut center for living traditions mounted an exhibit entitled Limpah tangan: a collection of Art –in-stories by Sama and Sama Dilaut children in the Exhibit room of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University last November 30 to Dec. 5 .

The exhibit featured art works of Sama Dilaut children who are learners at Lumah Ma Dilaut Center for living traditions with the theme “Islam is Peace and Islam is Green”, the message which the Sama and Sama dilaut want to convey in the artworks.

With the guidance of caring adults and parents, the art was a gallery on how these children can show another facet of Islam. This is the Islam as seen from the eyes of children. The interconnection of life and spirituality; that Islam that encourages critical understanding and careful reflection of the doctrinal dogmas, that enjoins Taqwa, the conscious and intelligent awareness and loving remembrance of Allah and reflecting that in our care and compassion for human kind and communion with nature.

The works were paintings and sketches with story accompaniments which talked about the experiences of the Sama kids as they express spirituality and their way of loving Allah as the most beneficent (Ar-raheem ) and compassionate (Ar-rahman) God .
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