Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today is to Moro

Good day everyone .This blog is for all those interested to know about the daily lives of moro kids. My name is Linda Bansil, I am a maguindanao, born in Oran -Algiers (a happy mix).

Moro Kids are the Maranaws,Tausug,Sama,Yakan, Mapun and Iranun to name a few . With this I hope to share stories about food, peace and art. I was born in the 70's when being a Moro was historical and meaningful. It was a time when the Matuwa Salamat Hashim was alive. Rizal Alih became the modern day Parang Sabil , some disagree . I watched how one man hunted by a battalion not to mention fighter planes and tanks on TV. It was a time where the swimming pool in Maharlika Village was functioning and the garbage truck was still coming in. It is still a good time to embrace history, a work in progress. It is still a good time to be a Moro, nevermind how we look like on TV. Some young moro film makers will change all that and its not because I said so....Some would argue that the term "Moro " is demeaning and negative. Why would a semblance of moorishness hurt me?  Aren't the moors not the conquerors of Andalusia? Is it demeaning ?  I do not think so, my grandma is a Berber Moroccan I will not be ashamed to be called a Moro if only I would be reminded of her and if it means knife thrashing camel riding whatever. I like the look and the sound of that. 
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