Sunday, December 30, 2012

a mermaid talks to waves

a mermaid talks to waves
be the wave she said 
the strongest for this ocean
making a thousand push and pull
waiting for lightning 
as it grows dark
reminds me of the day I was born
there no stars and a dying mother

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

falling rocks

If rocks should meet in an open field
in a mountain filled with grass
Will grass allow us to see each other’s crooked sides?
Will grass be higher than our hopes for each other?
Do we fall in rivers as if we were destined away from the hills?
Will we be landing on the sea floor?

as rocks we follow terrains and cracks
As we seek home to mangroves
Wearing a new spirit that of fish

Monday, December 17, 2012

Live like the moon

Life is just a minute of communion with the stars
drinking tea with the moon
and playing chess with the ocean
drown to the sea of humility
for losing is deep when it matters
drown in truth ponder for its sake
ask and reverberate

Saturday, December 15, 2012


These are swords 
I have come to cut my hair with
so I could revert to peace can bring
nothing but complete
not intending
not fighting but yielding
to hands and more hands
more heads then more heads 
bent unstruggling in prayer

Friday, December 14, 2012

Write right away!

Write right away has been very useful to me. It helps me review English vocabulary in a fun way. It helps me find that inner curiosity to words just like when I was in grade two. Helping me go back to the groove towards humility in learning, relearning and harmonize with my writing instincts. I must say it has always been there, but often times in slumber especially when I am being swallowed by work and other things. I find the writing quotes from different writers in the book very valuable. “Make time to write. Ten minutes? Sure. Ten minutes is better than not writing”. I feel comfort in the numerous quotes featured in every page with matching doodles and sketches. They all help me understand one thing-to write and keep writing. I have never read a book that inspires to do writing as a birthright. So, I thank you for coming up with this book. It is thick, dark and some! Thanks Pido Aguilar for the wonderful book. Words?  And when I run out words I quote you "Laging meron! |.Write right away is  available at C & E bookstore, EDSA cor Quezon Ave. Long live writers!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

coral city

I woke up from the movements of my hair 
submerged but swaying through the currents
of waters not escaping the bliss of sea
the corals here are taller than the trees on land
they look smooth , white and strong
they should not be trampled as they grow
they grow slower than our lives combined
I don’t wish to be them 
I will be sand so I could worship
your soul next to your feet

a hundred steps for reading

We are all going back 
yes going back 
fifty and hundred steps back 
our questions now have been answered
way way back
our books were done 
even if we miss the pages
for our eyes and fingers
and our tears fall to our feet
say those words
in golden sweet arabic

space next to winds

I wish to name parts of the wind with my name
So when you call me I appear only to be felt
I will occupy the space next to winds
To this I matter not only to the living as if I am not dead
Will it matter if I am not solid? If I look as if I am nothing
I may not enjoy coffee with a cup with you but its aroma will call me
I will sit beside you, open your palm and assist my back
I have come to cover you with my senses
Believe that I am nothing but I am true
And I shall be with you as I make a deal with the lightness

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Wear your heart in sorrow
As if you are preparing for joy
Laughter is pressed in cheeks
Laugh when your soul learns to pray
The heart is out of control
Say his name as if today
You came to his door
Shake hands with your God
Arms wide and glowing
Arms wide as if running in a stroll
Say God I have wings
I come to fly with you
God I was praying so I can be near you
Near you like a prayer for more wings
I want my wings to be purple
and I will  say your name in silver

Sunday, December 02, 2012

death coming in sleep

come to me in my sleep
easier embracing the spirit afloat
and let me visit them in their dreams
our goodbyes are softer
as if to join an afternoon
raising the wind from its source
like sun rays travelling to its destination
like peace saying its name to a stranger

Friday, November 30, 2012

My heart belongs to your soil

To my brothers and sisters in Palestine

 Whenever your blood flows
I feel impaled and my heart belongs to your soil
And my soul belongs to both our maker
I reach out for your olive trees
And in my dream, I have taken uprooted trunks
And twigs and hold them between my hands
As if to plant them to fields of freedom
Embracing your sun I am running
To water the soil not with my tears
But with prayers embracing every grain
Pick fruits not the twigs not the trunks
The roots come alive in the will of Allah

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

sleep is gratitude

I thank Allah for sleep, as in sleep my heart calms
And my soul touch gardens and I swim away from thoughts
Of my city, I become the friend of this world
The soul of this city pales in the world of slumber
And I jump to a place where all prayers calm the ears
And I dance to the sight of hills, nobody owns or wills
In my dream, the soul of the city pales
And this world is a blunder and surprised
To new worlds were prayers make it still

Monday, November 26, 2012

We the birds

I have written poems about death
As if it’s a pill for sorrow
But more so it’s an unknown beginning
I am in love with the thought of death
My love is deeper than vacation
If I die tomorrow I will leave pictures of my youth
As I just began wishing for another life
And while I was here I was soaring
I never wished to be a bird
As birds where flying with me
And they thought I was them but with feet

color of sunshine

Follow me like a song in your ear
With your eyes closed hum
Gently whisper how I heal for you
For in your ear it is clear
Let your heart wish it wears mine
Come dear engulf me like sunset
Sun rays on your back and mine
Warm blankets over the sands outside

Kissa for a hero

Let the blood flow
like rivers unto countries
like water into forests
like tears for marshlands
like craters for its dead
and don't forget

Let the blood flow
like royalty to kingdoms
like words and violins
with songs of heroes
close your eyes
to reveal stories
close your eyes
Let your blood flow
and fall
to your knees

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The streets of Algiers

I used to walk in the street of Algiers
As a North African with chinoise eyes
My hands and my feet all brown
Wondering why nobody looked like me
There were pigeons in the park

mountain filled with pine trees

and communal hot baths
Winter felt like death
And the wind whimpered in sadness
Until I saw the sun in a country
With two seasons in awe to the sight of banana leaves

Samal Gravemaker

This is a Sama Badjao gravemarker used in the film "Bohe : Sons of the Waves". In the film, hustlers sneak and steal it from a woman who keeps it in her house as the only remembrance she has from her husband. The gravemarker is made from drift wood. It is a wooden boat with a male figure on top. This symbolizes the journey of the Sama Dilaut to the hereafter.

click for a view of the trailer : Bohe :Sons of the Waves

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


If I fell from the sky would you ask me my nationality?
I have brought the color of my father's eyes to being
and the mountains where I came from reek of death
and death is as white as a garb with bloody stains
and mothers fail to be in the quietness
of faint thumping of doors closing to life

Land of two rivers

I dream to see a place
it doesn't look perfect in a catalogue
like list of places filled with smog
Iraq is perfect in my thoughts
My passport says not valid entry to Iraq
this makes it impossible
as if the sun is glaring against my steps
let me walk there where descendants
of prophets leading loving justly
I dream of Iraq and drew it in my palm
I saw them crushing it on TV
bring me to Iraq yah Allah
so I could smell the scent of hands
that lead the nations to equality
my hands felt clammy
my eyes wet
I long for deserts that teach men
to love eachother in a world of bread
hands reach life , no rich no poor
brothers and sisters in sandy embrace

Thursday, November 15, 2012

tree trunks

I have come to rescue you from falling trees
Not from its leaves but from trunks
They can cause you your wings
And stop you from flying
With this you learn to walk
Not everything looks good from up there
in the ground are roots
they sprout when they are strong
to be in between ground and sky

Monday, November 12, 2012

come free

death comes in a special time
When you no longer need your hair
It’s when beauty flows out to fill the air
occupying a new space
a new soul staring God face to face
Love death as if it is life
Life is just a visitor to our death
Come death be my soul’s best friend
Don’t let me wish you
Come free come to me


Do not wish death
it will come when you wish it not
it will come to take your pets
or your favorite leaf in a tree
it will take your fathers and mothers
to remind you that home
is somewhere else
make this a beautiful
waiting area

on writing

Writing is like swimming to the deepest parts of the ocean
you meet rocks, waves and seashells with unknown names
speaking to their dreams in lost thought
awake to reach sands in multitude of colors
suddenly you become part of grains and sea foam


One day I felt empty
in a quick silent moment
it was so real and it stayed slow
I thought I breathed an air of sorrow
it clothed me in haste
as if I am imprisoned to a new soul
I could not speak
I could not scream
I could not complain
I wanted to run and break out of it
until I wrote every line to speak of this new soul
that it read itself and broke lose of me

Sunday, November 11, 2012

note to pillow

I have written my desires in dreams
And in my dream I am complete
Maybe not perfect but there’s nothing amiss
I don’t abide to limits in my dream I have no fear
To what might not have been in my dream my prayers are real

Friday, November 02, 2012

shaheed in tears

Have you seen Shaheeds in tears?
Have you seen one in time facing
the disunity of body and spirit?
does your gold let their eyes shine brighter?
or oil feel their heart out of emptiness?
death has no meaning for what is temporal

Have you seen a death so beautiful
envy creeps to your soul and it begins to spin?
Have you seen the Shaheeds in tears?
Have you seen one in time facing
the disunity of a cause and deciet?

feed the hungry with your eyes closed
feed the soul do not run
I will let you see a shaheed in tears
in graves-gold engraved doorways

Saturday, October 27, 2012

shores and two fish

(a father's wish on his deathbed)

Would you be a friend on my deathbed?
Will you be my granting wishes as if it pleases you?
They say , the way to know humans
is when you travel at your lowest ebb and on the day you die
Will you be my relative ?
All I ask is the beach , the shore and the waves
the sight of the sun mirroring these waters
and two fish I'll eat as I let go of everything
you gave to me

Friday, October 26, 2012


I was a baby when I was dreaming of big cribs
a little girl when I was thinking of spaces
spaces where dunes and deserts can reach my eyes
and I stood right in the grass even hills and mountains
im right here in my dream and I haven't noticed it
i must not think of dreams
they are real i am awake
my eyes are closed in this dream

Death is closer

Death is closer
than the voice of youth
from the first gaze of light
to the doors of choices
with death there is no
no losing of the past
only a tomorrow

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

curiosity to death

Lightning is special it comes and it goes in darkness
Not like a thief but like a flicker in total dimness
As if to close its eyes and open
Making you shiver not in delight but fear
Walking on tree the scent of soil deliver nothing
but curiosity to leaves
and life has curiosity to death
this is a heart it is true and is dead

Saturday, October 20, 2012


prayers in crystal arabic
spoons made of life
smoking words in paper
burning to the sight of honor 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I searched a voice under the sea
and it called the wind to gurgle
and it whispered itself to my soul
as great as the wave it took me hours
hours to think it and feel it to my ears
but there are seahorses I can't ride
and as soft as the one who housed clams
I whispered back once and twice
I have no enemy when I begin loving the sea
adoring some parts of sand up to my knee
this wind is coming we glide
like distant ships that wish not to leave
deeper to the sea and its mind
I can cradle it like a wind with no eye
dancing the past time of the blind

Monday, August 20, 2012

One hundred

I am one hundred years old
I stand corrected I am not old enough to be wishing
That I was younger and lost to the street of my own soul
Drunk in the village of mild mannered sea urchins
I bought a flask and started complaining to the stars
And the moon and the clouds that darkened my fate
And I used all the time to darken my hate
Yes I am one hundred years old
I am older than the new river caused by quarry
Or the hills invented by tree poachers
And I am walking wishing I was older
Older than hatred, curses and judgments
Older than my early hopes and hopelessness
Older than the death around me
Older than the children in prison
And the ones who lost their voices twice in this lifetime
I am one hundred years old
I know what is coming from seven yards from here
And I feel that it wouldn’t be as easy as a song
Or a dance I have already learned
I am older today and my ears are too
I am one hundred years old plus my eyes two hundred
Renew everything take away the hundred years of my eyes
So both could see you Ya Allah
I’m drinking tea and toasting to your name Ya Rabi
I have shaken your hands every time I lowered my head
My heart touches you when I’m at pause on the floor
To say my prayers in crystal Arabic
To tell you that I love you my tears will only show
Renew me o God let my eyes be as I began
To grow as nothing but to see you from now on
Let me hear new words as if I didn’t hear the curses of streets
Make my heart not mirror the fears that truth had bestowed me
I’ve looked outside and wanted just to be with father
Who has been my light that I want to see in death
I am one hundred years old
And I have died how many times in my head
I have planned it all in my hands and sometimes I wished
That something hard would hit me so I don’t need to do it on my own
I will not blaspheme my one hundred years on earth
I am one hundred years old I come to commit a hundred more
I am older than the steps I made from day one
And my hands have changed its shape to grow roots
Like trees that had surrounded wild forests
I am dipping my hands into you O Allah
You can make my hands appear softer than sands
United to one mountain that doesn’t fall
Let me walk in the desert a body made of sand
Another one hundred years off this time running to your love
Dust in my eyes and ears moving to another hundred years

Monday, July 23, 2012


Our dreams are adrift in the sea
some of it fall on the seaweeds and grass
taste them 
you can tell 
it's where our tears are going

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is a shame not to know a language that sounds true poetry 
that words won't sound the same in a different language
so beautiful say it loud say it longer say it 
say it in Arabic
there is none like it 
I thank God for choosing a language 
on which to speak to him
one for him to hear 
a song that will reverberate
all throughout this planet
the planet of rocks and trees

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank God its Fasting -TGIF

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

come to me like a verse

come to me like a verse
it could have a tune
inside my head and my ears
I have heard you like smooth lightning
sounds like a whip smashing
fluttering like dragon fly wings
now you are swimming in my heart
come to me like a verse
keep me into the wit of my soul
free me of fear and mistrust
I only fly to those who believe me

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

weedy flowers

In the forest I know made of weeds
roses are not to be seen
there are flowers but only those with unknown names
be free and take your time to name them one by one
as you leave the forest as an author

Monday, June 25, 2012

walking on thin threads

It is when you loathe fear you come alive
It is walking on thin threads that you respect soil
It is when dying that you think of your soul
So don’t die yet but be alive and don't be softer than your will
Lets loathe fear together
And lets marry God to your soul
Remember theres only one God
Only one God and hundred love names

Monday, June 18, 2012

sturdy as the cliff

a worried heart is of an uncertain recipient of love
or the lack of it ponders in an open water
like stones that hit waves does the sea will it?
how does one learn to be as sturdy as the cliff
as it waits for greater storms that simply come 
as if to command every circle 
it awakens itself not to ponder but to feel
crashing waves that dance with no meaning

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fathers and Mothers

Remember that when you were born
you were alone ,your fathers and mothers
are meant to be your friends for life
although they see you more than that
all your life you dream of freedom from them
to be the holder of your life and decisions
but they are not your friends they are more than that
they see you as a plant they have nourished
the saddest day will be seeing you dead early
full of water , too much sunshine
of cold of anger of too much pain
Remember that when you were born
they were smiling even when everything about
you was small which made them smile greatness
your whimper made them shiver to their spines
your eyes though blind were the only thing
that believed they think you saw them first
you only held their hand because that is the only
choice of hands you had that were there

Friday, June 08, 2012


Death is as shiny as gold and as red as plum
it makes the name of friends clear in your head
it makes the mother smile longer as if it is a dream
and fathers become the softest petals in your hand
this is the most revered quiet 
it is not sudden if you think it 
how everyday we think of shiny things and red 
as the days came by like sweet perfume
layer from layer of a life unfolding 
going to islands with no names
the soil is the prettiest dark 
the scent of it mingling with rain
think not of how they died 
think of how they looked like when they were happy
cling not only of memories but for their words
death is sweeter when it comes do not despair 
wait for your turn the bliss of reunion 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bohe : Sons of the Waves Trailer

   Samal Palau or commonly known as "Badjaos", are the second Sea Gypsies in the world. Driven out from the sea considered to be outcasts and the lowest among tribes, meek , vulnerable and displaced. They hail from the Southern parts of the Philippines to escape from conflicts and constant abuse.This is a story about those who found an island of hope they call " Badjawan Island", a tiny patch of land in Southern Luzon. In this Island 5 badjao boys (Harun, Rasul, Manel, Jamil and Carding) save the day .

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some words are missing

I have so many beautiful words to say
but some words are missing
my heart pauses as if to say
something better than its beat
human beings are not better than waves
as it casts tides
or wash out stones from seashores
it is not human to have better words
than the sight of dew on leaves
it comes with thinking deeper 
deeper than our hearts can contain
it is not the brain working
when you feel and can't speak
I will leave you few words
so it will mean and stay
saying to much to someone 
who has heard it all
hoping it would be remembered

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

happy island

by Linda Bansil

I remembered the sea foam
they mattered so much when I was idle
unrelenting currents freeze the sun
hair swinging in the deep waters of Laminusa
they lave me to go farther
much farther than I can
deep below hair intertwined
with the ocean sea grass
tied to them  I never leave

May 12, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

a door

by Linda Bansil

Nobody taught us how to run 
so we are leaving
but not moving
We stand still 
until every bullet had fell
take us back to the house 
shoot your gun
lock the door
we have no more relatives left
to pick us up on the floor

Friday, May 04, 2012


Bullets can drench your skin in blood
but can't poke a hole to your soul
it can never defile your prayers
or defeat your purpose
sponsor change or recall
it destroys the barks of trees
it stops us from moving
it lapses peace
what is made of steel
doesn't hinder hope
or bring you closer to the end of pain
but it brings us to Allah
never let your soul complain
this place is brighter
it doesn't have a name
nobody owns it
share it our soul is lighter now
our steps are foretold

I am not afraid

by Linda Bansil

I am wearing a steel armor made of prayer
it is stronger than silver and it is tight enough to breathe
Come walk lets look at them in the eye
Come death come joy 
I am not afraid 
come dust come soul
words will not hurt
words grow but not have roots
Come shaheed come love conquer the street

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I am not lost

by Linda Bansil

Today I am not lost
not lost for words I say
the biggest mosque is in space
and I am not anywhere far
maybe not too near
I am here

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dream and blur

Linda Bansil

With a thousand dreams
of some vivid and those I don't remember
I choose just one 
when people were many 
and they wore modest hearts
and chose to die only when its time

With a million dreams
of some lucid and those vague
a smile and some are tears
those that heart can't contain
I choose one when I can see 
the one who died and happy
in this scene of great health
I come to see a young father
my father in sweaters

We walk in a garden with stairs
and he gives me books and magazines
and helps me fix my bag
the scent of roses fill me up
my eyes blur and love it 

April 25, 2012 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking pictures of peace

Befriend peace take a picture of it
and wear it like a turban
it would cover your head
and it will embrace the heat of the sun
a joyous light it goes with you
wherever you go and no matter how far
carry it in your hands and put it on your finger
it will keep you warm like a velvet glove
in a time that feels like winter

Sleep with peace and embrace it like a pillow
it will leave you wonderful dreams both
for your neighbors and their children
as you wake up a warmer sun
awaits for those who made blankets
of good deeds and knew how to plan

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Linda Bansil

Be not afraid
for what you fear
is not a thousand grain
that will bury you
it is just a few hairlocks
a few strands
so light it may stir
your heart to hurt a bit
and the wind can blow it away
just like those furry things that fly
coming from weeds
from cat furs
from worn out carpets
they fly
but not decay
be brave as a firm prayer
a bird in flight
praying in Maghrib
the sun prays too
before it sleeps

Written while on break April 18, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Know me first

Linda Bansil

Know me first 
before you strangle me
I am a flag
I wave and move towards
the current all ours
ours , ours , ours
Know me first
before you sell me
I am their mother
I wave and move towards
only to my children
my children, children ,children
Know me first
my blood is spilling
I am their flag
and we are saying this
we are waiting 
all waiting 
for you to leave

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The warrior

by Linda Bansil

Worry you are
worry worry not
worry not a warrior

bleed him not
he has blood in his face
his hair
he has blood 

blood is running
in his fingers
with this he paints
an anger of a hundred years
he writes what you fear

You can't bury him in a crater
he has war
it is his mother

Worry you are
worry worry not
worry not a warrior

don't teach him how to cry
blood flows in his eyes
bleed him not
he has blood in his face
his hair
he has blood 

Friday, April 13, 2012

A newspaper

by Linda Bansil
I found a newspaper older than my grandfather
and all of the things I read was new to me
so please don't throw that newspaper 
it might be just a little bit older than me

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The trees were wailing

It's not peace if it's coming from one side of the fence
and it's the eloquence of a land grabber
that keeps me ashamed of swords
suddenly it dulls my battle and occupies my peace

the trees were wailing
between bullets and flesh
in communion with the silence
in a crater marked
women children men

You are never silenced by your graves
until there was a moon
the trees were wailing

Monday, April 09, 2012

Walk with the moon

Linda Bansil

He used to be up in the mountains
the kris and his son
with guns blazing saving every inch
of respect a homeland
that should have been handed in peace
but he the fierce one
put his gun down together with his comrades
sold out each of their hands
no more defiance
no more fighting
today  became not
a shaheed

lost in an arm struggle
a shielded comrade
goes down
naming the streets with the name
of his oppressors
to remember the colonizer
to shake hands with a fierce enemy
and to eat burgers at mcdonalds
but he died too in exchange of paper
and the spirit of the dead
that can’t let go

how dare you
walk up our mountains
coming with your white aspirations
deploring acts of barbarisms
in the name of your stripes
you flaunt your stars
our moon doesn’t care

blocked by concrete

by Linda Bansil

there are no sands 
no stones 
rays of the sun
winds that chime
waves that belong
mountains that sit beyond clouds
birds that trap seeds 
there is no sea no tranquility
not even a single tree
or grass
but there's a moon
blocked by concrete
not a sight of a tree on my window
a feeling of breeze
no there's none 
on the 29th floor