Wednesday, June 27, 2012

come to me like a verse

come to me like a verse
it could have a tune
inside my head and my ears
I have heard you like smooth lightning
sounds like a whip smashing
fluttering like dragon fly wings
now you are swimming in my heart
come to me like a verse
keep me into the wit of my soul
free me of fear and mistrust
I only fly to those who believe me

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

weedy flowers

In the forest I know made of weeds
roses are not to be seen
there are flowers but only those with unknown names
be free and take your time to name them one by one
as you leave the forest as an author

Monday, June 25, 2012

walking on thin threads

It is when you loathe fear you come alive
It is walking on thin threads that you respect soil
It is when dying that you think of your soul
So don’t die yet but be alive and don't be softer than your will
Lets loathe fear together
And lets marry God to your soul
Remember theres only one God
Only one God and hundred love names

Monday, June 18, 2012

sturdy as the cliff

a worried heart is of an uncertain recipient of love
or the lack of it ponders in an open water
like stones that hit waves does the sea will it?
how does one learn to be as sturdy as the cliff
as it waits for greater storms that simply come 
as if to command every circle 
it awakens itself not to ponder but to feel
crashing waves that dance with no meaning

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fathers and Mothers

Remember that when you were born
you were alone ,your fathers and mothers
are meant to be your friends for life
although they see you more than that
all your life you dream of freedom from them
to be the holder of your life and decisions
but they are not your friends they are more than that
they see you as a plant they have nourished
the saddest day will be seeing you dead early
full of water , too much sunshine
of cold of anger of too much pain
Remember that when you were born
they were smiling even when everything about
you was small which made them smile greatness
your whimper made them shiver to their spines
your eyes though blind were the only thing
that believed they think you saw them first
you only held their hand because that is the only
choice of hands you had that were there

Friday, June 08, 2012


Death is as shiny as gold and as red as plum
it makes the name of friends clear in your head
it makes the mother smile longer as if it is a dream
and fathers become the softest petals in your hand
this is the most revered quiet 
it is not sudden if you think it 
how everyday we think of shiny things and red 
as the days came by like sweet perfume
layer from layer of a life unfolding 
going to islands with no names
the soil is the prettiest dark 
the scent of it mingling with rain
think not of how they died 
think of how they looked like when they were happy
cling not only of memories but for their words
death is sweeter when it comes do not despair 
wait for your turn the bliss of reunion