Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fathers and Mothers

Remember that when you were born
you were alone ,your fathers and mothers
are meant to be your friends for life
although they see you more than that
all your life you dream of freedom from them
to be the holder of your life and decisions
but they are not your friends they are more than that
they see you as a plant they have nourished
the saddest day will be seeing you dead early
full of water , too much sunshine
of cold of anger of too much pain
Remember that when you were born
they were smiling even when everything about
you was small which made them smile greatness
your whimper made them shiver to their spines
your eyes though blind were the only thing
that believed they think you saw them first
you only held their hand because that is the only
choice of hands you had that were there

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