Monday, August 20, 2012

One hundred

I am one hundred years old
I stand corrected I am not old enough to be wishing
That I was younger and lost to the street of my own soul
Drunk in the village of mild mannered sea urchins
I bought a flask and started complaining to the stars
And the moon and the clouds that darkened my fate
And I used all the time to darken my hate
Yes I am one hundred years old
I am older than the new river caused by quarry
Or the hills invented by tree poachers
And I am walking wishing I was older
Older than hatred, curses and judgments
Older than my early hopes and hopelessness
Older than the death around me
Older than the children in prison
And the ones who lost their voices twice in this lifetime
I am one hundred years old
I know what is coming from seven yards from here
And I feel that it wouldn’t be as easy as a song
Or a dance I have already learned
I am older today and my ears are too
I am one hundred years old plus my eyes two hundred
Renew everything take away the hundred years of my eyes
So both could see you Ya Allah
I’m drinking tea and toasting to your name Ya Rabi
I have shaken your hands every time I lowered my head
My heart touches you when I’m at pause on the floor
To say my prayers in crystal Arabic
To tell you that I love you my tears will only show
Renew me o God let my eyes be as I began
To grow as nothing but to see you from now on
Let me hear new words as if I didn’t hear the curses of streets
Make my heart not mirror the fears that truth had bestowed me
I’ve looked outside and wanted just to be with father
Who has been my light that I want to see in death
I am one hundred years old
And I have died how many times in my head
I have planned it all in my hands and sometimes I wished
That something hard would hit me so I don’t need to do it on my own
I will not blaspheme my one hundred years on earth
I am one hundred years old I come to commit a hundred more
I am older than the steps I made from day one
And my hands have changed its shape to grow roots
Like trees that had surrounded wild forests
I am dipping my hands into you O Allah
You can make my hands appear softer than sands
United to one mountain that doesn’t fall
Let me walk in the desert a body made of sand
Another one hundred years off this time running to your love
Dust in my eyes and ears moving to another hundred years

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