Friday, November 30, 2012

My heart belongs to your soil

To my brothers and sisters in Palestine

 Whenever your blood flows
I feel impaled and my heart belongs to your soil
And my soul belongs to both our maker
I reach out for your olive trees
And in my dream, I have taken uprooted trunks
And twigs and hold them between my hands
As if to plant them to fields of freedom
Embracing your sun I am running
To water the soil not with my tears
But with prayers embracing every grain
Pick fruits not the twigs not the trunks
The roots come alive in the will of Allah

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

sleep is gratitude

I thank Allah for sleep, as in sleep my heart calms
And my soul touch gardens and I swim away from thoughts
Of my city, I become the friend of this world
The soul of this city pales in the world of slumber
And I jump to a place where all prayers calm the ears
And I dance to the sight of hills, nobody owns or wills
In my dream, the soul of the city pales
And this world is a blunder and surprised
To new worlds were prayers make it still

Monday, November 26, 2012

We the birds

I have written poems about death
As if it’s a pill for sorrow
But more so it’s an unknown beginning
I am in love with the thought of death
My love is deeper than vacation
If I die tomorrow I will leave pictures of my youth
As I just began wishing for another life
And while I was here I was soaring
I never wished to be a bird
As birds where flying with me
And they thought I was them but with feet

color of sunshine

Follow me like a song in your ear
With your eyes closed hum
Gently whisper how I heal for you
For in your ear it is clear
Let your heart wish it wears mine
Come dear engulf me like sunset
Sun rays on your back and mine
Warm blankets over the sands outside

Kissa for a hero

Let the blood flow
like rivers unto countries
like water into forests
like tears for marshlands
like craters for its dead
and don't forget

Let the blood flow
like royalty to kingdoms
like words and violins
with songs of heroes
close your eyes
to reveal stories
close your eyes
Let your blood flow
and fall
to your knees

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The streets of Algiers

I used to walk in the street of Algiers
As a North African with chinoise eyes
My hands and my feet all brown
Wondering why nobody looked like me
There were pigeons in the park

mountain filled with pine trees

and communal hot baths
Winter felt like death
And the wind whimpered in sadness
Until I saw the sun in a country
With two seasons in awe to the sight of banana leaves

Samal Gravemaker

This is a Sama Badjao gravemarker used in the film "Bohe : Sons of the Waves". In the film, hustlers sneak and steal it from a woman who keeps it in her house as the only remembrance she has from her husband. The gravemarker is made from drift wood. It is a wooden boat with a male figure on top. This symbolizes the journey of the Sama Dilaut to the hereafter.

click for a view of the trailer : Bohe :Sons of the Waves

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


If I fell from the sky would you ask me my nationality?
I have brought the color of my father's eyes to being
and the mountains where I came from reek of death
and death is as white as a garb with bloody stains
and mothers fail to be in the quietness
of faint thumping of doors closing to life

Land of two rivers

I dream to see a place
it doesn't look perfect in a catalogue
like list of places filled with smog
Iraq is perfect in my thoughts
My passport says not valid entry to Iraq
this makes it impossible
as if the sun is glaring against my steps
let me walk there where descendants
of prophets leading loving justly
I dream of Iraq and drew it in my palm
I saw them crushing it on TV
bring me to Iraq yah Allah
so I could smell the scent of hands
that lead the nations to equality
my hands felt clammy
my eyes wet
I long for deserts that teach men
to love eachother in a world of bread
hands reach life , no rich no poor
brothers and sisters in sandy embrace

Thursday, November 15, 2012

tree trunks

I have come to rescue you from falling trees
Not from its leaves but from trunks
They can cause you your wings
And stop you from flying
With this you learn to walk
Not everything looks good from up there
in the ground are roots
they sprout when they are strong
to be in between ground and sky

Monday, November 12, 2012

come free

death comes in a special time
When you no longer need your hair
It’s when beauty flows out to fill the air
occupying a new space
a new soul staring God face to face
Love death as if it is life
Life is just a visitor to our death
Come death be my soul’s best friend
Don’t let me wish you
Come free come to me


Do not wish death
it will come when you wish it not
it will come to take your pets
or your favorite leaf in a tree
it will take your fathers and mothers
to remind you that home
is somewhere else
make this a beautiful
waiting area

on writing

Writing is like swimming to the deepest parts of the ocean
you meet rocks, waves and seashells with unknown names
speaking to their dreams in lost thought
awake to reach sands in multitude of colors
suddenly you become part of grains and sea foam


One day I felt empty
in a quick silent moment
it was so real and it stayed slow
I thought I breathed an air of sorrow
it clothed me in haste
as if I am imprisoned to a new soul
I could not speak
I could not scream
I could not complain
I wanted to run and break out of it
until I wrote every line to speak of this new soul
that it read itself and broke lose of me

Sunday, November 11, 2012

note to pillow

I have written my desires in dreams
And in my dream I am complete
Maybe not perfect but there’s nothing amiss
I don’t abide to limits in my dream I have no fear
To what might not have been in my dream my prayers are real

Friday, November 02, 2012

shaheed in tears

Have you seen Shaheeds in tears?
Have you seen one in time facing
the disunity of body and spirit?
does your gold let their eyes shine brighter?
or oil feel their heart out of emptiness?
death has no meaning for what is temporal

Have you seen a death so beautiful
envy creeps to your soul and it begins to spin?
Have you seen the Shaheeds in tears?
Have you seen one in time facing
the disunity of a cause and deciet?

feed the hungry with your eyes closed
feed the soul do not run
I will let you see a shaheed in tears
in graves-gold engraved doorways