Sunday, December 30, 2012

a mermaid talks to waves

a mermaid talks to waves
be the wave she said 
the strongest for this ocean
making a thousand push and pull
waiting for lightning 
as it grows dark
reminds me of the day I was born
there no stars and a dying mother

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

falling rocks

If rocks should meet in an open field
in a mountain filled with grass
Will grass allow us to see each other’s crooked sides?
Will grass be higher than our hopes for each other?
Do we fall in rivers as if we were destined away from the hills?
Will we be landing on the sea floor?

as rocks we follow terrains and cracks
As we seek home to mangroves
Wearing a new spirit that of fish

Monday, December 17, 2012

Live like the moon

Life is just a minute of communion with the stars
drinking tea with the moon
and playing chess with the ocean
drown to the sea of humility
for losing is deep when it matters
drown in truth ponder for its sake
ask and reverberate

Saturday, December 15, 2012


These are swords 
I have come to cut my hair with
so I could revert to peace can bring
nothing but complete
not intending
not fighting but yielding
to hands and more hands
more heads then more heads 
bent unstruggling in prayer

Friday, December 14, 2012

Write right away!

Write right away has been very useful to me. It helps me review English vocabulary in a fun way. It helps me find that inner curiosity to words just like when I was in grade two. Helping me go back to the groove towards humility in learning, relearning and harmonize with my writing instincts. I must say it has always been there, but often times in slumber especially when I am being swallowed by work and other things. I find the writing quotes from different writers in the book very valuable. “Make time to write. Ten minutes? Sure. Ten minutes is better than not writing”. I feel comfort in the numerous quotes featured in every page with matching doodles and sketches. They all help me understand one thing-to write and keep writing. I have never read a book that inspires to do writing as a birthright. So, I thank you for coming up with this book. It is thick, dark and some! Thanks Pido Aguilar for the wonderful book. Words?  And when I run out words I quote you "Laging meron! |.Write right away is  available at C & E bookstore, EDSA cor Quezon Ave. Long live writers!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

coral city

I woke up from the movements of my hair 
submerged but swaying through the currents
of waters not escaping the bliss of sea
the corals here are taller than the trees on land
they look smooth , white and strong
they should not be trampled as they grow
they grow slower than our lives combined
I don’t wish to be them 
I will be sand so I could worship
your soul next to your feet

a hundred steps for reading

We are all going back 
yes going back 
fifty and hundred steps back 
our questions now have been answered
way way back
our books were done 
even if we miss the pages
for our eyes and fingers
and our tears fall to our feet
say those words
in golden sweet arabic

space next to winds

I wish to name parts of the wind with my name
So when you call me I appear only to be felt
I will occupy the space next to winds
To this I matter not only to the living as if I am not dead
Will it matter if I am not solid? If I look as if I am nothing
I may not enjoy coffee with a cup with you but its aroma will call me
I will sit beside you, open your palm and assist my back
I have come to cover you with my senses
Believe that I am nothing but I am true
And I shall be with you as I make a deal with the lightness

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Wear your heart in sorrow
As if you are preparing for joy
Laughter is pressed in cheeks
Laugh when your soul learns to pray
The heart is out of control
Say his name as if today
You came to his door
Shake hands with your God
Arms wide and glowing
Arms wide as if running in a stroll
Say God I have wings
I come to fly with you
God I was praying so I can be near you
Near you like a prayer for more wings
I want my wings to be purple
and I will  say your name in silver

Sunday, December 02, 2012

death coming in sleep

come to me in my sleep
easier embracing the spirit afloat
and let me visit them in their dreams
our goodbyes are softer
as if to join an afternoon
raising the wind from its source
like sun rays travelling to its destination
like peace saying its name to a stranger