Friday, December 14, 2012

Write right away!

Write right away has been very useful to me. It helps me review English vocabulary in a fun way. It helps me find that inner curiosity to words just like when I was in grade two. Helping me go back to the groove towards humility in learning, relearning and harmonize with my writing instincts. I must say it has always been there, but often times in slumber especially when I am being swallowed by work and other things. I find the writing quotes from different writers in the book very valuable. “Make time to write. Ten minutes? Sure. Ten minutes is better than not writing”. I feel comfort in the numerous quotes featured in every page with matching doodles and sketches. They all help me understand one thing-to write and keep writing. I have never read a book that inspires to do writing as a birthright. So, I thank you for coming up with this book. It is thick, dark and some! Thanks Pido Aguilar for the wonderful book. Words?  And when I run out words I quote you "Laging meron! |.Write right away is  available at C & E bookstore, EDSA cor Quezon Ave. Long live writers!
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