Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Please don’t die yet
Fervour, ships arise to the call of yesterday
Ardi my country is a village
A village with no country
Flags disappear to the ways
Imperialist our wish list is to stay
And die not to our dreams
Before your ships put fire
Into our oceans

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Giant Quran and a lady

This lady has a giant Quran in her hand
wearing a malong and a fuschia veil
She sits eyes on opened pages
reciting Quranic words in the heat of a sunday
I walk upon her voice and sit to
breathe this wonderful energy
infront of a store where darkened coconuts
hang on plastics and green mangoes below
there's an air mystifying my steps
soda in hand not bending
pouring her soda in a glass
but hoping to be accepted on
a stranger's living room
in awe to the sight of angels
flowing underneath sunrays