Monday, March 26, 2012

Pure Words are tears of the Soul

by Linda Bansil

I would have wanted to be as quiet as the feather falling from air, but I am experiencing life as it unfolds but then its easier to stare at roads when the vehicle is moving and I enjoy not knowing anybody, not touching anything , a solitary passenger uninvolved and thinking . Yes, what makes my day is when the sky tries to darken to my favor, as this makes me excited.  I am very happy when there are dark clouds ahead. I prefer to write  as I need not  be as clear as I can  but I can hide from symbols and become whatever I want to be and that is to be -everybody and anything. I can be an inanimate object and act as if I have a life. More so, I can say something without apologizing or taking it back. I can be as intense as my contradictions and be as extreme without halting . Pure words are tears of the soul. Without it , I die a little and this is without screaming so . This isn't about whining , this is about expressing.

April 2010
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